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Full Version: Application Template (MilitaryRP)
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MilitaryRP Staff Application
Please bear in mind that bad grammar (for example text language) will cause your application to have a greater chance of being denied.
Please do not edit the design of this thread too much, as it may make it hard to read.
Staff and players can vote on these applications using +1 or -1, but must provide a few reasons as to why.



Availability (minimum of 4 hours per day): 

Do you own a microphone?: 

Do you have access to teamspeak?: 

A few words about your personality: 

Roleplay Name: 

SteamID ( 

What is your level on the server?: 


This section should be completed using If you have a problem with using a microphone, please contact a Senior Superadmin before typing this section.

A few words about you and your interests: [LINK]

Your motivation for becoming a staff member: [LINK]

Why should we pick you and not someone else?: [LINK]

Your strengths/weaknesses: [LINK]

What will you bring to MilitaryRP?: [LINK]

Someone has been reported for FailRP and RDM, explain how you would deal with the situation: [LINK]
You see another staff member abusing their powers, explain how you would deal with this situation: [LINK]

Additional comments:
Previous punishments (bans, warns, ect.):
Steam nickname and/or profile link: