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Full Version: Good Evening, gentlefolk.
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November 26th, 2016

My name is Mulaag Khal, I have been around on the servers a few times and have decided to greet myself to you here. As a gift, I present a story to you...

As the night sky glimmered upon the damp and moist gravel, he approached the driveway. As he walked up, there was a rustle in the bushes. He turned towards the bush, but there was nothing to be found. He carried on up towards the gate, with a tad haste in his steps. The gate was a large, Victorian-Era gate with a susceptible amount of rust and grime slathered across each iron bar. It was attached to a mighty fence or the same material, and the same nature, which surrounded the area.On the top of each spire there were small, spear-shaped ornaments that deterred vandals from entering uninvited. The ornaments were a dirty golden colour, and had multiple cracks in the paint where acid rain and hail had struck it. The boulevard that was behind him seemed darker than before, and there was another rustle in the bushes. Alas, there was nothing to be found when he checked once again, this time with a greater caution than before. He pushed the gate, and it opened. It was seemingly unlocked, with no padlock in sight. He entered through, and carried towards the house. Every footstep he made a distinctive crackle on the loosely paved gravel. As he walked up, the footsteps sounded to be in-sync. Footstep, crackle, footstep, crackle. But it stopped. The crackle perished into a more quieter footstep. The floor had gone from a loose gravel, to a smooth concrete. It changed from "Footstep, Crackle," to "Footstep, Tap,". He carried on towards the door, with that same haste as before. As he arrived, he heard footsteps from the inside. They were different to his, and sounded like they were walking on ragged planks of wood. Footstep, creak, footstep, creak. Then the doorknob turned. It looked like the head of a lion, in a golden paint. The paint looked similar the ornaments on the fence and gate, with a dirty golden colour and cracks in the paint. The handle was tinted though, with a deeper colour. It looked more orange, and moist, like your hands are covered in paint and you put your hand on a doorknob, it leaves an imprint. It looked like paint, but it seemed too thick to be any normal sort. The door was in an abysmal state: the panels had been to of had burgundy paint on them, but it was spread out across the panels like someone splattered it on. The panels on their own looked rotten and crooked with a brown paint on the parts without the burgundy. In fact, the burgundy paint had the same effect on the panels as the paint did on the doorknob, with it being moist. As the door happened, something unexpected happened...

And that's my story. I hope you enjoyed reading it Smile