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Full Version: Fix your server
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This is the second time I am making this (due to me posting it in the wrong section)
-SCPs RDMING always, and some player's using SCP-173
-SCPs RDMING Spawns (with 049 making everyone zombies)
-The server is unable to be playable.
-Admins not doing their jobs.
-Many other things, however I'll list them after these main things are fixed- I'm pretty much pissed off RN at the server.

-Also, Moderators getting to ban people and stop RDM

Ok first of all, I can't do anything except for kick, then players come back and kill everyone and am not gonna kick all server.
Second, number of players gone high so i suggest to promote staff or atleast give mods option to ban permmenantly/perioud of time.
Third: we are only 2 mods for 60 players it's hard when every 5 seconds someone tells us something like: I am stuck or stick abuse or RDM.

Hopefully you understand Potato.
^ Yeah, this guy is pretty chill, the fact that moderators can't ban or anything is total BS
First of all, mods not being able to ban isn't BS.

ITS CALLED ABUSE PROTECTION. Mods will never receive that ability.

And I will promote people. Its just a matter of time.