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Full Version: Adam Cudi-Schoolrp
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Name of the admin that banned you: Jamie

Your RP name: Adam cudi

Your Steam ID: 



Reason for the Ban: Called him autistic

Length of your Ban: perm

Screen Message during your connection: Cant get it 

explanations: so this jamie dude has been bugging me since ive got on and breaking rules also i stole his cop car as he left it unlocked and was driving when he was invisble and got in which is failrp as its driving after him bugging me to get out for a good 10 minutes i got out so i went to school got a message which said 24 hours in girl dorm he told us to get out i said shut up and he arrests me as he was a student now so i said are you autistic he couldn't reply and perm banned me.
Personally i don't like the way jamie gets on and don't think hes suitable for a staff position i really love the server and hope to be unbanned as I've made good friends on it

you already put in a form and you should be unbanned by now.