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Full Version: an unban request frrom doctor myself
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Name of the admin that banned you:venom snake

Your RP nameTonguelaguee doctor

Your Steam ID:

Reason for the Ban:SexualRP (that was my fault Cry)

Length of your BanTongueerma Ban (Sad )

Screen Message during your connection:YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM THE SERVER

                                                               banned byTongueunished venom snake

explanations:i really dint want to end up like this i LOVE the server and i was trying to make everyone laugh i dint mean any harm sure thats still a rule that i broke but plz i really want to get back on this Awesome server i dont wanna be perma banned i really really love it and i cant play on dis server id rather eat my heart out than live without dis server so PLZ UNBAN ME!!!! i promise i will never brake any rules EVER again.

                                                                                                                                                                                  with love Plaggue doctor