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Full Version: Banned for racism :p
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I was banned permanently aproximately ten minutes ago by S0nic for being racist.

I just want to say i wasnt racist at all and i said: "I never said  **insert n word here**"
shortly after i was banned because i said it in the admin sit, when i was trying to prove my point.

I have to imply though. I was messing around before the ban and thats probably why the admin thought i've been racist before.
And because the furry guy warned me for disrespect when i was a class d.

Anyways, this post has a point. i'm requesting to get unbanned. Whether i get unbanned or not, i am going stop not mess around as much. Since this scp server doesnt look that serious rp, I guess it is serious rp.

I was looking through the forum and saw another guy that was falsely accused for saying racist words, maybe that happened to me too?

steam id and name: Lissun / STEAM_0:1:178557978