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Full Version: Trolls and minges
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Date of Incident:     
 9/11/2017 7:30PM eastern time

RP Name of the player being accused:
Richard, Crisader Peter Ness, Fire Watcher

Steam ID of the person you're reporting:
The steam ID are in the video enjoy BANNING THEM  Heart

Reason for the Report:
Look in the video. They mass rdm and not following the rules and the SCP is just killing everyone it see even tho your looking at it. In the other Video SCP has a AWP killing me and a few others.

Proof (Screenshot / Video):  Watch the video in 720P Big Grin
Extra Info:  
Notting to say I would like these guys to get banned for a long time cause they dont have any reason to join the sever, all they do is just RDM and laugh which is dumb.
hahaha... rip
(09-12-2017, 05:35 AM)Snake Wrote: [ -> ]
Video shows enough, I'll be sure to deal with them.

Thanks  Big Grin
Ever since I left the server