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Full Version: Players mass trolling;
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Date of Incident: 21/11/2017

RP Name of the player being accused: Darwin duboi, Mr.HammerHead

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: Darwin duboi: STEAM_0:1:70024164; Mr.HammerHead: STEAM_0:0:100127092

Reason for the Report: I was playing as Artificial Intelligence and going around when I saw these two players (Darwin and Mr.Hammer) Blocking and bugging the doors by stucking in chairs, this created much lag and the doors completely blocked.
I tried to use the Gravity Gun to move the chairs away but that was useless due to the chairs were completely stucked in there

Proof (Screenshot / Video):  

Extra Info: Hope No more extra info. Hope I've helped the server with the report!

Both players will receive a one week ban