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  Building Tools
Posted by: Jglover30 - 03-01-2016, 05:15 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)


I am kind of new to KRP, I started playing about a week ago and love it!

But when it comes to building as some jobs for example elf. I go into the forest and find it very hard to build because of the lack of tools. the ground is uneven and without the tools most buildings look rubbish.

My suggestion is to add two tools....

Smart Snap - A client side grid which allows users to see points on a prop and make precise welds.

Precision Allignment - A tool which joins props together and can do numerous things but is probaly the best tool out there. You can join any props up without any gaps! And also stack but in a way in which it does not lag the server (1 at a time) and freezes it.

I think it is really needed because the buildings I see created really don't do the map any justice because of the poor quality.

Thank you for reading

(Posted it in correct section this time Big Grin)

  Kingdom RP - Building Tool Suggestion
Posted by: Jglover30 - 03-01-2016, 05:04 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)


I am kind of new to KRP, I started playing about a week ago and love it!

But when it comes to building as some jobs for example elf. I go into the forest and find it very hard to build because of the lack of tools. the ground is uneven and without the tools most buildings look rubbish.

My suggestion is to add two tools....

Smart Snap - A client side grid which allows users to see points on a prop and make precise welds.

Precision Allignment - A tool which joins props together and can do numerous things but is probaly the best tool out there. You can join any props up without any gaps! And also stack but in a way in which it does not lag the server (1 at a time) and freezes it.

I think it is really needed because the buildings I see created really don't do the map any justice because of the poor quality.

Thank you for reading

  Jobs/Skin Changed
Posted by: Luca Brasi - 03-01-2016, 04:35 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

So as the prefect is a combine and does not look the part at all:

Remove the prefect Job.

Give his arrest stick to the Porter, (Filch would do the prefects job in Hogwarts anyway).
Give an arrest stick to the house prefects. (Make them VIP)
Create a new job called "Head Boy" for each house and they take on the role of the old prefect.

  Suggestion: Updated Rules List
Posted by: Luca Brasi - 03-01-2016, 04:29 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

Mostly grammar fixes and rule additions changes. 

Rules of HogwartsRP

Thank you for taking your time and reading the rules it helps you and i to avoid different kinds of problems on the server!!!

General rules :

1. The use of cheats,glitches or hacks will result in an permanent ban.
2. Casting a spell on someone is allowed only during an fight between players or an roleplay scenes. Do not wander around casting random spells on others or in the free air of the school it is most of the times classed as failrp/freespell
3. You can not reconnect, suicide, switch characters or use any other means to remove you from an roleplay situation.
4. Do not insult the players or the staff.
5. Follow the decisions of the STAFF, they are not negotiable.
6. An admin request (@ command or ///) must contain useful information such as the reason you requested the admin. Any non-relevant messages, aggressive, or lower case will cause you an kick. e.g. "I was just freespelled at the slytherin dorm by Alex"
7. Do not steal objects subject to a transaction between players. (spellbooks for an example)
8.  If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn or contact an admin. Do not fix the problem by yourself.
9. Do not walk on an ragdolled player.
10. No racism, sexism, discrimination or hate messages this is included with the rp chat.
11. It is also prohibited to simulate a rape or other sexual abuse on the server.No extremist names such as "Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden or Joseph Stalin" please do either not use swearwords.
12. Do not use extremist symbols like swastikas or hammers and sickles.
13. Your name must contain only letters, so it's possible that you do get an warning for that reason and must behave in an First + Last Name.

Base Rules:
2-1. No Freekill (Killing a person without a valid reason)
2-2. No FreeSpell (Casting a spell on a person without a valid reason)
2-3. No Prop-Block (Take a prop, and prevent the passage at a door, the spawn etc ...)
2-4. No Prop-Climb (Take a prop and use it as stairs to go in an inaccessible location normally).
2-5. No FreeDemote (Demote a person without reason).
2-6. Observe the New Life Rules ("Rule New Life": when you're dead, you do not remember anything).
2-7. No Spam of any form(Do not invoke Prop spam or chat spam).
2-8. No Advertising other communities/companies.
2-9. No Insults, small remarks, provocations in the OOC, Insults IC must be appropriate e.g. "Filthy mudblood"
2-10. No Racism.
2-11. Do not sit on a persons head during an rp situation, it's classed as "failRP"
2-12. No Metagaming.
2-13. When you speak to or call for an staff, please respect them, they are not your dogs. please contact them properly and without impatience otherwise you may not see them coming to help you. e.g. "Admin to me right now!" will be ignored.
2-14. Make evidence of common sense and think about what you would do in PR IRL scenes.

Gamemode rules:

3-1. Only the main cast from the Harry Potter Movies are allowed in the Chamber of Secrets. e.g Dumbledore
3-2. This is an Roleplay server, respect the roleplay scenes.
3-3. You must have a RolePlay name (First Name and Last Name). Use /name or F4 and command to put in one.
3-4. Do not abuse the microphone and do not use it to stream music.
3-5. You do not have the right to change jobs in full RolePlay scenes.
3-6. AFK players can't be the target of an FreeKill, FreeSpell, etc ...
3-7. The AFK system is made for short absences (less than 180 seconds). If you abuse this time or that the server is full, we reserve the right to eject you to free up player space.
3-8.  Alliances between "The dark forcesand "teachersAurors ..." are PROHIBITED!
3-9 use the broom inside the Quidditch field, do not use it outside of it!
3-10. Teachers should only teach spells to wizards during the lessons, they do not teach spells to wizards privately.

Students and Teachers
All four Hogwarts Houses:
Have intended to go to their respective classes to learn new spells and become better at wizardry and help against the evil, they must respect their teachers (Director, Aurors, black Wizards, Prefects,Prefects students, teachers ...).
Prefect studentsStudents that have been choosen as an Prefect of the houses are designed to bring people from their homes in the right way and even accompany them to their courses. They may have finished the course already and are there to help enforce discipline in the school of magic Hogwarts.
Hagrid: This is the guard of the forbidden forest,  it is prohibited to use a wand for Hagrid, he is allowed to go to Hogwarts and to welcome students in free time to come to his home to do small runs in the forest. 

- Quidditch Chaser + keeper: They have exactly the same goals as a normal student, the only thing that differentiates them is the course of Quidditch that they are very talented at, that means that you should know how to play Quidditch!

Hogwarts Staff
- Overview: 
You must teach your respective courses, a spell or potion can be learned once during a class,  you must also follow rules beneath.You have to teach a lot during an course so be able to prepare it, the fate of give is prohibited (each teacher must have learned the spell as a student before teaching it) You can make remedial courses during free time (minimum 5 people). You must follow the rule as a student that you do not enter the forbidden forest unless you have the permission by an higher ranked wizard. As a teacher you have the right to assist a student in danger within the walls of Hogwarts. You do not have the right to use violence against pupils whether physical or verbal, you are supposed to set an example as an teacher.

Potion teacher: 
You must teach the students about potions , with pots and ingredients, made of imagination. 

Wizardry teacher: 
You are supposed to teach your class spells by learning them the spell and demonstrating, talking about it and what it can do.

Metamorphosis teacher: 
You must explain to students how to transform a being or an object.

Divination teacher: 
You teach divination, you do not learn out of this, it's theoretical short, you learn to predict the future, the past and present your dreams.

Arithmancy teacher:
 You teach Arithmancy, you do not learn this spell it is theoretical short, Arithmancy is a form of divination, predicting the future based on numbers from 1 to 9.
 Defence teacher: 
You teach students how to defend themselves against the forces of evil.

Botany teacher: 
You do not learn spells, this is theoretical short, you learn students to study on plants, herbs, and magic mushrooms to be used for any potion or

Astronomy teacher: 
You must teach your astronomy courses for students by learning the names of different stars and their peculiarities.

History teacher
You do not learn spells, this is a theoretical course , you learn students the whole history of magic through the wars , the creation of Hogwarts , and the great magical events.

Occlumency teacher: 
You do not learn spells, this is a theoretical course , you learn the students the art of Occlumency, blocking the mind against the external penetration attempts.

Muggles teacher: 
You do not learn spells, this is a theoretical course , you learn students the lifestyle of a muggler.

Alchemy Teacher: 
You teach the students the main magic spells carefully.

Quidditch coach: 
You teach the only sport in Hogwarts it calls itself " Quidditch " , this course students have to go to the Quidditch field , each student must come with his broom or they will be rejected in progress, you must teach new students how to use his broom without risk.

The Dark Forces

The Death Eaters : 
You fight against the "Aurors" and their allies.
You must remain in the shadow of the Forbidden Forest and never be seen in the wall.
You must defend your slaves preventing any attack to bring students into the forest. You have no right to attack "Auror" on the wall or to enter Hogwarts "except the deat-eather slaves".

Once the student attached / captured you have to torture him in an attempt to gather information on Hogwarts.
Your undisputed master is "Voldemort", you must defend his body and soul, your life is less important than his.

You may attack the castle during lockdown.

The Death Eeater Slave : 
You are under the control of the "Death Eaters" because the fate prohibited imperium, so you are subjected to them in order fulfill their desire for revenge.
When you capture / attach someone it must be an student
When you have attached an student you can NEVER under any circumstances use your wand.
You must be as discreet as possible when you are capturing an student so that nobody falls your true identity,
If a group of people tell you to stop while an student is attached you have to obey the obligation under the risk of getting killed
Death Eater Slaves act like neutral inside the school as long as they do not use any dark magic or are trying to bind people with the "rope restraint", if they do use an dark magic spell or the rope restraint tool inside the school and there is a witness they are spoiled and are not neutral anymore.
You can only kidnap once every 10 minutes.
You are not allowed to kidnap students in classes.

Dementor :
You are a Dementor , you load to avenge the people by accepting contracts to kill wizards.
If you don't have an current contract , you are neutral.
When a person uses the spell Expecto Patronum on you , you must flee, so try to be as discreet as possible using the invisibility spell (" Salvio Hexia ").

Also use the spell Apparition to fly.
You do not have the right to kill without a contract, or to accept a contract without good roleplay reason . 

Stay in the dark.

House-Elf :
You must find a master (student) .
You do not have the right to go to class being visible.
You can not use your wand, only the spells of the elf.
Your worst enemy is the Maleficent Elf, if confronted you can defend your master of the Maleficent Elf.
You can scare threatening students that faces your master , but you never kill them(that's what bobby said [Image: wink.png] ).

Maleficent Elf:

You must find a master (Death Eater Slave , Death Eater, Voldemort ) .
You have the right to kill someone under the orders of your lord, not for pleasure you must have a valid reason for killing.
You do not have the right to go to school unless you are invisible.
You do not have the right to use your wand , use the elf spells .
Your worst enemy is the house-elf .

Voldemort :
You are evil and power incarnate!
You run the " Death Eaters " and their slaves , and all other forces of evil.
You are invincible , no one can kill you apart from the Director.
You have to stay deep in the forest and give orders to " Death Eaters " and their slaves , but in any case you need to show you to them .
You spend interrogations student caught taking them information about Hogwarts that could be crucial for you .

The Grim :
Your enemies are the " Death Eaters " and " werewolves " ( attack you if you are provoked ) . 
The use of the wand is prohibited.
The Grim doesn't attend to classes.
You advertise a bad omen.
Stay outside of the school.
The Grim doesnt ally with anyone.
the Grim attacks students that goes into the forbidden forest.

Magic Dragon :
You are neutral .
It is forbidden to be inside the facility.
Do not under any circumstances attack without valid reason , your flames are overpower.
You are forbidden to speak , you can only moan.
You must find a master (which must be a student) , only your master you can rise above you.
You do not have the right to enter a course.
The use of the stick is prohibited.

Headless Nick :
You are the official ghost of Hogwarts and Gryffindors house .
You must help students lost in the school to find their way back.
In no event you may use your wand to attack, you remain passive and friendly

- Dark wizard:
You are a dark wizard , you fight with the " Aurors " against the " Forces of Evil" ( Death Eaters , Death Eater slaves , Voldemort , werewolves , ...).
You are a former student of Slytherin who pretends to be a student in order to protect the students of nearby Death Eaters and other threats.
You need to help  "Aurors" to fight, protect students in Hogwarts could be done by removing the slaves.
You can not be inside the castle unless you are defending someone.

Auror Leader:
You are the leader of the Aurors!
You lead the Aurors and work for the Ministry of Magic.
You can organize an attack against the Evil Forces by attacking the Forbidden Forest (you may be any level) with your Aurors as help with your job to release the captured students, you have to announce the attack in /advert.

Auror :
You're an Auror , guardian and protector of Hogwarts, you work for the Ministry of Magic.
Dark wizards are your allies against the forces of evil.
You must at all costs save students without harming them.
You must remain , mostly on the walls , it's your job , hold good.
You do not have the right to attack from the wall , that is to say that once you 've spotted something suspicious , you can go down to check.
The land behind the wall is allowed to students, and all students can go to " Hagrid " remember that you need to monitor the front of the wall and not the back.

Werewolf :
You are a werewolf, you remain a student of " Ravenclaw " when you are not under your wolf form.
You are forced to go and hide in the Forbidden Forest during the curse to reveal your true nature form.
During processing you become the allies of the " Death Eaters " and you must help them to kill the students to feed yourself .
When you're in your form of " werewolf ", it is forbidden to be in the school, when a " Grim " forces you to transform  yourself and you are inside the school , you run back to the forest.

Prefect :
You are the supervisor of Hogwarts , you make sure that the rules of Hogwarts is respected and that courses are happening properly.
You do not have the right to go into the Forbidden Forest
Do not under any circumstances attack the students , even if you are attacked , in this case call a STAFF .
You must lead, you represent the rules.

Porter :
You are a squib , you were born with wizard parents, but the human side took over so you stayed a simple muggler devoid of magical power but you have a great magical knowledge and you are allowed to live in this world .
Your main activities are bitching bad student behavior, call them to order ( to notify the manager if they do not listen ) , ensure the cleanliness of the establishment.
You can not use the wand.
You can not be a student in the class, you may assist the teacher with menial tasks (cleaning up etc)
You are friend with the elves.

You are the head of the establishment , you are the power yourself and have founded the school within regulation therefore you must respect and enforce the rules.
You are invincible only " Voldemort " can kill you , and only you can kill him.
You do not have all the rights provided , you have to stay most of the time in your office there to welcome students who have queries or requests to make.
You may oversee classes as Headmaster.

You must prepare the lunch to the students.
You can not go to classes.

You must stay in the hospital until students have any health concerns.

To level up and learn spells, students simply have to visit the different courses offered, when they are captured by a Death Eater Slave, they do not have the right to detach. Outside of combat they do not have the right to use their magic wand, students below 6th years do not have the right to go into the forbidden forest and it's banned from 6th down, it is still not recommended to go there. You can not mount on the wall or on rooftops.
You must learn spells corresponding to maximum your year, if we see you use a 6th year out while you're second year, you will be BANNED without warning. The broom outside the Quidditch pitch is prohibited.
All trades as: Professors, Director, Auror, Prefect etc must ensure that students are safe, that they respect the rules of the facility and learn as and measurement their years.
The Dark are against the rest (except Neutrals).
Chat rules

IC = In Character
OOC = Out Of Character/Outside of the character.
All commands below should be used in the chat.
- "/ Advert " Advert can be heard by the character you're roleplaying as.
- "//" To talk in OOC (HRP) is a character - Out channel , so you give no indication of RolePlay (do not ask the location of a player etc ...) (Canal OOC )
- " /// " To contact an admin . (Use this channel in case of emergency , this channel is not to discuss ) .
- "/ Me " This command is for roleplay scenes to descriptibe what you are doing.

Basics of RolePlay

Here are several information about the RolePlay, you will also find some definitions.

RolePlay (RPGs):

In RolePlay, participants represent a character, every action, say, should look as much as possible to reality, that you would do if this or that situation were coming. Each character is the actor, each character creates a story, each person plays a role, a role play. Characters can improvise freely, their choices are the direction and outcome of the game. All this following a formal system of rules and guidelines.

In Character (IC = = In the character)

Speak in IC, is to express his character, incarnate. At this level, you will then communicate differently: you are in the skin of your character, and it does not mean anything. For example, in IC, you will not say: "I disconnected from the server" because in the context of RolePlay, your character can not log out because "he saw" too.

Out Of Character (OOC = = Outside the character)

Speak in OOC is not to talk about your character. It is you (yes you, the one you in the flesh) that talk.

Speak OOC is not compatible with the IC. This would mean the Metagame. For example: In IC, your character does not read the names over the heads of the other characters, but by OOC, seen. So there is an information gap between what perceives you and your character. And such information should not be mixed. Your character has to live a real life: he does not know anyone like you.


In role plays, the Metagaming is the use of information, knowledge OOC (Out Of Character: outside the character), which is used for the character in the world IC (In Character: the character )

For example, if you read the name of a player on the head of it without ever having met him is the metagame.

In real life, when you see someone for the first time do you know his name? No. You should ask him.


The Powergame is performing an action in the game, but that is impossible IRL (In Real Life In real life =)

Example: A guy jumps from a roof and continues on his way, IRL he is dead or injured and not move.

The Powergame is also to force the action of a player, leaving no chance to the other player.
Example: You get in front of someone and you say that you've tied up and stripped of his business. It is forbidden to force you the action of the player.

  A Small Apology- Varrick
Posted by: Varrick - 03-01-2016, 03:26 AM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (1)

Hello everyone- Varrick here... (That moderator you haven't seen in a while)

Just posting this to make a small apology that I haven't been on the server for the past couple of days, I have been active on the forum- and I still have stayed in contact with Yevocore. I haven't been active for a few reasons these being- I am working on some skills I can add to things I can do! I'm currently learning lua and I have had a look at Importing 3D Models into GarrysMod, I have recently been working on a few Youtube Projects (I have taken down my old videos now to bring out a newer refined version) The video that I am making is going to outline the lore of KingdomRP Before current events and Present- I may make multiple videos on this. All of these things interest me and I hope to be a developer one day so that I can create content for the Garrysmod communtiy. My second reason for being away is that I have recently come into contact with some of my friends which I hadn't spoke to in quite a while and I have just been enjoying time with them playing games which I haven't played in a while (Unfortunately they don't enjoy role playing too much, They're wrong right?) . My third and final reason is that I am Jobseeking IRL and that can be quite stressful. If I do get a Job I will try my best to come on the server for the hours I promised but my time might be limited. 

Kind regards
Your friendly server moderator- Varrick

  Major Eazy's staff application
Posted by: Major Eazy - 02-29-2016, 04:23 PM - Forum: Staff Application [ON] - Replies (1)

My Staff Application 

Real name James Walter
In game name rellian quickstrike
Availability: 4-12 hours per day
Do i own a mic and teamspeak: Yes and yes
Steam Id: STEAM_76561198066358555
how long have i been on the server for ?:i have been playing on this server for about 3-4 days and i really enjoy the atmosphere and the world the people are fun as well i already had quite a few adventures ^^
what timezone am i from?: England /Essex 

Vocal application
Presentation IRLhttp://vocaroo.com/i/s0hE51G8PDUr
My Motivation to becoming a Staff member: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1DK0gsMXPo5
Why me and someone else ?:http://vocaroo.com/i/s0falO29qyRW
Strengths/weakness: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1VswW64ksVT
Admin experience : http://vocaroo.com/i/s1AiBbtxWr4A
What do i bring to the server: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0yTMW3dR9cz
"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FaliRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were an staff?:http://vocaroo.com/i/s1huMfJV1Ty8
You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation?: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1yRvaLOtX2p

Bans and warns none i am in no trouble on the server ^^

Thanks for your time hopefully i got you interested ^^

  New KingdomRP Faction
Posted by: Varrick - 02-29-2016, 08:57 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

 ! For Overlord donators. !

There would be multiple classes etc. 
Here are some player-models.

Baby Dragon

Colour - Green
SWEPS: Flight SWEP, Monster SWEP

Mother Dragon
Colour - Purple
SWEPS: Flight SWEP. Oblivion Magic, Monster SWEP 

Could be an event where Skyrim SNPC dragon in spawned. Known as the "Father Dragon" or "Elder Dragon" - Where people have to take down the dragon and work together. / Other dragons try and protect it etc.

The Dragons would have to base inside a cave somewhere- Could make their own in the wilderness. The baby dragons are shy and will fly away or attack humans when scared and will not purposefully put themselves around humans. The mother dragon should always protect the young dragons. Dragons only leave the cave to Drink water from the lakes and feed. The Dragons mother can capture humans to feed to her young. 

All of the Dragons would have the Flight SWEP - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=146475190 and the Monster SWEP - (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=339503479)

The flight SWEP obviously simulates the dragons flight- The monster SWEP is used for scratching players if they get too close etc.
The mother dragon has oblivion magic so they can use the fireball which would be like the dragons breathe

  3D modeling (Not your usual thread)
Posted by: Link - 02-28-2016, 09:04 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (10)

If you are a model artist and would like to create and share your work. Do so by posting it here and show us what skills you have to present! You never know it might get featured on the server! 

This can be from;
Props, wands, map features and player models ect.

Good Luck! [Image: pirates-smiley.gif]

  A New Dwarf Faction
Posted by: Drakesake - 02-28-2016, 10:22 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (10)

I Was Thinking Of A New Faction Because I Like Being An Archer And A Dwarf Why Not Make A Dwarf Bowman?
                                                                            Heart Heart Heart

  Staff Application
Posted by: musikhero - 02-27-2016, 11:37 PM - Forum: Staff Application [ON] - Replies (7)

My Staff Application
Name: Jonas Nordang
Age: 16 (Turning 17 this year)
From: Norway
Availability: 5-7+ hours per day
Do i own a microphone and teamspeak? Yes

I like to describe myself as a loyal and hardworking person, I like to keep everything in order and fair.

RP Name: Thraine Titanborn / Thirilla Titanborn (If im a girl)
How long have you been on our server? My level is 14
Timezone: CET (GMT+1)

Voice Application

Presentation IRL *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0dG0hcjyWmX

Your motivation for becoming an staff member *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0dG0hcjyWmX

Why you and not someone else? *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1EB6rcos0cA

Your strengths / weaknesses * Your: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1Othn61RPIp

Experience as a moderator or administrator *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1qGFtUwDKGy

What do you bring to the server *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0nKHCyXP5RF

"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FaliRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were an staff? : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0zTiTLCSPUZ

You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0NioSXlnUM5

Other Information

Nuber of bans: 1 Vac ban on steam and No bans on Gmod servers
Steam Nickname: Grave Walker

Attachment: A photo of me.

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