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Fix your server - Fedora - 01-02-2017

This is the second time I am making this (due to me posting it in the wrong section)
-SCPs RDMING always, and some player's using SCP-173
-SCPs RDMING Spawns (with 049 making everyone zombies)
-The server is unable to be playable.
-Admins not doing their jobs.
-Many other things, however I'll list them after these main things are fixed- I'm pretty much pissed off RN at the server.

-Also, Moderators getting to ban people and stop RDM


RE: Fix your server - potato - 01-02-2017

Ok first of all, I can't do anything except for kick, then players come back and kill everyone and am not gonna kick all server.
Second, number of players gone high so i suggest to promote staff or atleast give mods option to ban permmenantly/perioud of time.
Third: we are only 2 mods for 60 players it's hard when every 5 seconds someone tells us something like: I am stuck or stick abuse or RDM.

Hopefully you understand Potato.

RE: Fix your server - Fedora - 01-02-2017

^ Yeah, this guy is pretty chill, the fact that moderators can't ban or anything is total BS

RE: Fix your server - Communist Bear - 01-02-2017

First of all, mods not being able to ban isn't BS.

ITS CALLED ABUSE PROTECTION. Mods will never receive that ability.

And I will promote people. Its just a matter of time.