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Unban appplication for ToupeSalad - ToupeSalad - 01-10-2017

Name of the admin that banned you: Alex Nord

Your RP name: Oliver Quick

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:48964337

Reason for the Ban: Trolling/mass freespelling

Length of your Ban: 4000 minutes (2 days 1hr left now)

Screen Message during your connection:

[b]explanations: Well I'm gonna admit I was freespelling a lot and it got annoying to the point where I got a warning by a mod/admin. I then stopped freespelling after my warning and went on to kidnap a student as a deatheater slave. But right after I captured a student I was kicked and banned for mass freespelling and trolling. I don't see the point of getting warnings if I'll get banned anyways after stopping? I'm sick today and felt like playing and I thought the ban was only 400min but it was 4000min. I figure I could send an appeal and at least try getting unbanned a little quicker. Plus the ban I got wasn't very accurate because I was banned after stopping after a warning (1/4).

RE: Unban appplication for ToupeSalad - Rewardterror - 01-10-2017