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Researcher Ruleing - charlie.oswick - 01-12-2018

Most researchers just wonder aroon ainmlessly and get distract from testing SCP's so there should be a rule that they need to finish a test every 15 minutes, if they fail to they will be banned from there researcher job for a few hours, obviously if there held captive on mind controlled it's different but it should just be a weakly enforced rule so there are more tests, just like a couple more per hour.

RE: Researcher Ruleing - joker42088 - 01-12-2018

i actually have to second that there is very few tests done in the server.

good idea bud

RE: Researcher Ruleing - Premier Stalin - 01-13-2018


Though, we might need something to balance out the ratio of Security/TU to Researchers as thus far it appears to be difficult for someone to actually consider a job in the Scientific branch.