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Tylers UNBAN Appeal - EyyTyler - 05-14-2018


Name of the admin that banned you: Owner

Your RP name: Tyler

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:59977455

Reason for the Ban: RDM

Length of your Ban: 4hrs

Screen Message during your connection:=====================================

  You have been banned from this server


Time Left:

  3h 59m 3s 

Banned by:



  You received a lot of Warnings!

Unban Request:

explanations: i killed a class d for being near 05 Spawn no permission at the time i was a Agent of Insurrection and he said im not allowed to kill class d but i have read them and it says nothing about im not allowed to kill class ds

Agent of Insurrection

-The “Nobody” is your leader and you have to follow their orders.
-You may raid the SCP foundation.
-After you died in a raid you have to wait 30 minutes until raiding again.
-You may release SCP's while raiding. But they could kill you.
-You can breach up to 2 SCP's in a raid.
-You cannot disguise as an O5.

RE: Tylers UNBAN Appeal - Shrimp - 05-14-2018

Denied, CI is supposed to rescue class D's
Also its 4 hours just wait
Thread closed dont reply