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unban plz - riot jackle - 05-14-2018

Name of the admin that banned you:vieing proof brb

Your RP name:jackle

Your Steam riot jackle

Reason for the Ban:"viewing proof"

Length of your Ban:6j 38m 45s

Screen Message during your connection:none

explanations:i had rdmed a guy because he was shooting me for rp i then said that i wanted to be shown the rules for not being able to have a seach [there was a gun on a d class] the admin then says that he was going to look at the proof and i said that i will be back in 1 min i come back to see i had been baned for viewing proof wich makes no sence and if someone is so kind to take away the ban so i can say my visw of what happend i will be very .................................................................. and might donate

RE: unban plz - killerdash117 - 05-14-2018

Please add the evidence of the ban.

RE: unban plz - Bubbles - 05-15-2018

Just... no
that is not your steamID.
reason can't be "Viewing proof"
No Staff member is called "Viewing proof brb"
(No proof was added to support in this case)
Next Try: 29th 5th 2018

RE: unban plz - winston churchill - 05-16-2018

plz dont reply on my birthday ;(