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Abuse. - Billy Billerson - 05-14-2018

Your Name: Billy Billerson

Your SteamIDSTEAM_1:1:48665287

Name of the admin: Felix

The admins steamIDSTEAM_1:0:236792700

How did the admin abuse: First off he was taking a sit in the middle of the hall as he was breaching SCP-049 (Felix was an agent at the time) Then I came into the hall and gunned the zombies down, after which Felix grabbed me, told me it was a sit and then flung me pretty far away. Secondly he witnessed someone shooting me, after which I killed the guy shooting me, then went onto jail me and order Pedro to warn me.

Proof: I got none just thought this should be brought up so you'll atleast watch Felix tho I doubt that'll happen due to the lack of proof

Date/Time: 14-05-2018, around 9PM CEST

RE: Abuse. - killerdash117 - 05-14-2018

This will be viewed soon and dealt with accordingly.

RE: Abuse. - MfeChu - 05-15-2018

I dont recall that happening

RE: Abuse. - Billy Billerson - 05-15-2018

With the way I've seen you act I doubt you would.

RE: Abuse. - Bubbles - 05-15-2018

Please, show proof. if not in one day you'll be denied.

RE: Abuse. - Billy Billerson - 05-15-2018

As I said I have no proof, I just put this up in the hopes you'd watch him or something like that however due to my lack of proof I seriously doubt that'll happen

RE: Abuse. - Thisguy - 05-15-2018

No proof to even do anything about this.

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