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Cl0udy FailRp / NLR - Ekron - 05-15-2018

Date of Incident: 15/5/18

RP Name of the player being accused: Cl0udy

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: STEAM_0:1:150726536 (collected about 45 mins later)

Reason for the Report: FailRp, NLR.

Myself, A researcher, a Security guard and a Contaiment specialist were Experimenting on 035 with 049. Without being invited, Cl0udy invited himself in, asked what we were doing and then attempted to remove 049 from the experiment without permission. He ignored our requests (to basically stop) and continued and fearing a breach, we sealed him in the room with the two SCP's.
In the room, cl0udy refused to co-operate with the mask attempting to make him put it on. 035 attacked Cl0udy. Eventually 49 turned him into a Zombie (And 035 by mistake). Our containment specialist attempted to contain the Zombie's now with firearms and Cl0udy returned fire as a zombie. Whilst Cl0udy was gone, we were plannign to try and kill SCP 035 so they could return to being the mask (OOC of course) And Cl0udy returned, pretaining to be the zombie slave of 049, despite NLR. Some harsh words (on my hands). We asked him to leave again, warning him we had filmed his rulebreaking, but he was just rather sarcastic "Sure, sure" ect. We requsted an Admin but none was forthcoming. 049 was released and put back into the Obs room. Our other contaiment officer then instructed 049 to kill Cl0udy, whom opened fire, focused on us (Me, Reseracher, Other containment expert) over 049 who was attacking him (Revenge killing perhaps? Not sure, seems a bit harsh)

Proof (Screenshot / Video):

Extra Info: Despite what was going on, we did attempt to keep the roleplay with testing going. It however went a bit. Wrong. I accept that the way i spoke to Cl0udy was not appropriate after he broke NLR, but he managed to destory the entirty of what we were doing, even when we attempted to intigrate him into our testing (Leaving him in there as he wouldn't leave when ordered). An thats just a bit. not good. we did call an Admin. they didn't come. I dont call what he did at the end unexspected RDM as 049 was ordered to kill him. But the fact he came back still provoked that situation. It was a real shame as it was the only testing on 035 that had happened for a long time and only the third sucsessful test in around two and a half hours i had managed to produce due to. mass containment breeches.

RE: Cl0udy FailRp / NLR - Alex hawkins - 05-16-2018

i can confirm this cus i was the other containment specialist and i was also disapointed with the incedent

RE: Cl0udy FailRp / NLR - Fresh - 05-26-2018

Cl0udy did, in fact, do FailRP (Unrealistic Acts)
And he also broke NLR and Randomly killed 2 People at the end.
He will get punished for his actions.