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Staff Training. - Bubbles - 06-12-2018

Staff Training

Tomorrow at 8PM (UTC+1) 
if you can't attend please contact Bubbles.
Please only comment on this if you can't come. (ONLY STAFF)

RE: Staff Training. - FoxE - 06-12-2018


RE: Staff Training. - winston churchill - 06-12-2018

I am unable to attend the staff training due to having plans for tomorrow, however i am happy to answer questions either before/after if i'm online. Sorry for the inconvenience

RE: Staff Training. - Shrimp - 06-12-2018

If I'm not there, I'm either revising or having my tea. But I probably will be there.

RE: Staff Training. - killerdash117 - 06-13-2018

Another Staff Training This quickly danm

(06-13-2018, 02:33 PM)killerdash117 Wrote: Another Staff Training This quickly damn (also unknown if i can come at this current time)