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Frank Unban Request - Frank2018 - 06-12-2018


Name of the admin that banned you: Pentatron The BI Furry

Your RP name:Frank

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:182213560

Reason for the Ban: Low kind of Sexuall RP

Length of your Ban: 3 days

Screen Message during your connection:

explanations: i got band from the server because i told a player on the server to take down his pants and i said it 1 $ per hour and i dint know what Sexual RP rule haws i promise i will read the rules and i will never Sexual RP on the server i am sorry and i rely like this server.


RE: Frank Unban Request - Oclexe - 06-12-2018

well you got 3 days to read them

RE: Frank Unban Request - FoxE - 06-13-2018

You got a 3 day ban but you could get a perm for that
Read the rules and come back in the server in 3 days
Don't make the same mistake it will be a perm next time