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Aracuan Ban Appeal - AracuanXDXD - 07-08-2018

Name of the admin that banned you: Senpai

Your RP name: Aracuan

Your Steam ID: [b]STEAM_0:0:11101[/b]

Reason for the Ban: "homophobia"

Length of your Ban: permanent

Screen Message during your connection:

explanations: ok, so im actually tired of dealing with this shit. what happend was that i came in a sit and this guy
just began pissing me off by saying "i shagged your mum" or calling me a cunt. after a lot of the man giving me shit and that i called him a faggot.

from my experience calling people faggots are not homophobic. im not using it in a way that i ment to talk shit about gay people. neither am i saying that 
they are worth any less or are fucking stupid. i simply used a slur mainly used against gay people. i am sorry that i said it, but i swear this guy pissed me off that bad 
that i coulden't even controll my word's anymore.

RE: Aracuan Ban Appeal - Shrimp - 07-08-2018

[Reason] In my opinion, context is very important, and the context you used it in isn't homophobic. If you weren't using the word to offend a gay person like you said, then there is no reason for it to be classed as hate towards to homosexuals. As a gayboi with a bf myself, I don't find the word faggot homophobic at all, unless it is used to discriminate someone.

RE: Aracuan Ban Appeal - AracuanXDXD - 07-08-2018

thank you

RE: Aracuan Ban Appeal - winston churchill - 07-08-2018


It is true that context is very important and after this you have shown the team that you have taken accountability for your actions, this is why you are now being unbanned. just next time think before you talk. 

Welcome back too the server.

RE: Aracuan Ban Appeal - Bubbles - 07-12-2018

Mmmm, i suggest not calling people faggots...

RE: Aracuan Ban Appeal - AracuanXDXD - 07-16-2018

im still banned tf