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Swiss' Unban Appeal - Swissss - 08-09-2018

 01-25-2018, 09:59 AM

Your Steam Profile must be Public 
Don't make unban requests when you have got an 4 hour auto-ban you'll have to wait if you have been warned multiple times but kept killing
Take in notice of the given warnings.

Name of the admin that banned you: Snake

Your RP name: Swisssh

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:29561917

Reason for the Ban: Minge

Length of your Ban: Permanent.

Screen Message during your connection:

explanations: See, i was banned for trolling which is usually just mass rule breaking and to be honest i was going around tazing people who were toxic / harassing me or generally being annoying, i was warned twice but never got further warnings instead, i was threatened with a perma ban and thats what i got just for a bit of fun in "mass" tazing if you want to call it that, if anything my mood in that case is not usually me i just got out of hand which is my fault, my apologies on my case i've returned to my normal state, thanks for reading, hoping it gets reduced or just unban.


To find your Steamid, you should go to:

RE: Swiss' Unban Appeal - Aniki - 08-09-2018

It was just a fase. Its like Emos, but actully true.

RE: Swiss' Unban Appeal - Mad Luffy - 08-10-2018


I think its a bit too soon to write an unban appeal because i think you need to wait like 1 week if im right.

Btw i dont hate you or anything like this, you were just annoying at that day thats why i was a bit pissed of you.

RE: Swiss' Unban Appeal - Bram Elysium - 08-10-2018


Since the fact of you getting warned verbally many times by multiple staff.

2 weeks cooldown to make new one.