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(01-08-2017, 12:35 AM)BrokenMind Wrote: So i was in cafeteria and two security guards came and ask for guns i show the price to them it was 600 becuse they wanted ammo with it and they leave when they heard its 600 after my commander(Statue of Bob Bloobleson)(and johngrabber)
come and said:You must not get any money for selling guns and give me free guns i order you
i said no becuse it was basically Mugging (No wait right here what logic behind commander mugges his own group member)then he killed me
after he came back he said thats what you get and then i said you are mugging me what kind rp is that in SCP RP
and i said i will get my revenge
he killed me after i said it
and then i was pissed so i respawned back and killed them 
dont judge me if you were there you would do that
i even said his mugging me to O5 member but he didnt do anything
now im typing this and hoping for his ban

Proof:Statue of Bob Bloobleson killed BrokenMind using cw_mr96 

John Gabber killed BrokenMind using cw_g4p_glock17

John Gabber killed BrokenMind using cw_g4p_glock17

Before I start this reply I want to tell people that this was on the SCP RP server, not the star wars RP server.

Hello I am Statue of Bob Bloobleson,
I would first like to start off by saying I did not break any rules and here's why:
Firstly, Broken mind said that I said "You must not get any money for selling guns and give me free guns I order you," I said, "Can you please give them the guns for free because there is no money lost on your part due to salary." I then ask him the again but I then had to order him to give the guns for free. When this happened I then terminated since in the real SCP facility staff disobeying orders are terminated(killed).
secondly, the statement "after he came back he said that's what you get and then I said you are mugging me what kind RP is that in SCP RP
and I said I will get my revenge
he killed me after I said it," is a complete lie here's what really happened:  I saw him again and asked if my friend and I could have a gun, he said that we would have to pay 600 each for them. After this, I quite annoyed since he wasn't following orders and terminated him once again for disobeying. 
I then wanted to talk to my friend in private so we went to the spawn of the military personal, once entering the spawn we saw broken mind who proceeded to start shooting us and we then killed him, once he respawned he did exactly the same thing and we killed him again.
If you need proof of this happening please also contact the other person that was mentioned in this report, I do not personally know him but I like to consider us friends as we had to go through together.

Now heres a list of why he should be banned:
NLR: "and then I was pissed so I respawned back and killed them," killing us after he had respawned
FailRp: Not listening to the commander (litterally one of the rules under the commander class)
False reporting
Lying in a report
and finally posting a report on the WRONG FORUM
I'm a forgiving person so I don't care if he gets punsihed for these or not.

I would like to thank the person for reading this for listening to my side of the story and I hope that we can come to a just and right conclusion as to who was in the wrong here.

P.S I really like this server and I even donated to it, why would I break the rules when I've spent money on this game (to reach level 40), I am currently in school and disposable income is very hard to obtain I hope you appreciate the donation.  Heart Heart Heart

P.P.S I went through the trouble of grammatically fixing the quotes that I used because this guy must have been in some sort of angered state since he couldn't spell.

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