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Aragon can't administrate.
Your RP Name: LoneWolf

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:55801626

Name of the staff member: Aragorn

The staff members SteamID: I don't know but you all know him.

How did the staff member abuse: I was in an admin case with 2 admins. Since they couldn't handle the case they called Aragorn to take over. I was just sitting down using alt+e, he kept telling me to stand up and I refused. Then I told him to leave because there are already 2 admins here and I get banned for "Not listening to admins and telling admins to leave" I was listening what the admins were saying. I just didn't stand up. And telling admins to leave? I told him to because there was 2 admins already. Idc if he gets banned or demoted or whatever. Someone teach him how to Administrate and stop making everyone an admin. Most of the Admins on CityRP don't know what they are doing.

Evidence(Video/Pictures): No. If he makes a reply on this thread saying otherwise then he will simply prove I'm right. I wouldn't waste my time for a 2 hour ban from a game. I got a life.

Any other members witness the staff abusing: My friend who doesn't have a forum account and as the admins said "He is a troll and his word  won't be taken seriously". The other 2 admins Java and Draconis

Date/Time: 11/7/2016 about 10:30PM GMT+2

No Evidence at all and is only thrash talking staff

-Kirigaya Kazuto
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First of all witnesses who are your friends are not useful at all as they will just take sides with you and make the admin in question sound bad. Second of all you said in your text that you refused to get up, doesn't this mean the that you're proving the ban of not listening to admins yourself?
The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Alright so you say it by yourself you ''Refused'' to stand up in a admin sit.
When you where a part of it and you didn't listen.
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