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The Outcasts Kingdom. (Wasn't Added)
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Right, Me,Beowulf (Jason) and Leah with help from a couple of other staff. Made this Kingdom and wrote the full rules list and gathered player models for them. This is what we wanted to replace the demons, and what we felt would bring the server back again. This included a full rule set, player Models with all added weapons and items and player models tested. We felt this was the best option for Kingdom. Alex (Wyde) approved of it and told us it would be done and would replace the demons. This was far over a month ago and it took me a lot of moaning for this to happen. Obviously over a month down the line with a new map and the demons removed and me demoted, our Kingdom that was said would happen obviously isn't going to be added. So I've decided i would just paste the Notepad that i made then which includes all about our kingdom. This is just to show what we spent time making and i Cared about what happened to Kingdom. As well as what i thought was promised and said to you (The players) would come to the Kingdom server. 

The Outcasts.

New idea.
Khajits .upper Khajit slave master. Argonians .Raven Warrior. Miraak. Deathclaw.

Player Models
-Raven Warrior

Thing(s) to do

Make tent camp outside current demon camp for Khajit to sell wares. They still live in the kingdom.

Overall Kingdom Rules

Can declare war on other kingdoms.
They are neutral but looked down upon and by many shunned, but they can ally with other factions and can travel freely.
They are not KOS. and cant be killed without a valid reason.
If allied with them, the outcasts can break an alliance.If done its a valid reason for the other faction to declare war.
They are friends with bandits, and Bandits can not kidnap the outcasts.
Their overall colour (I.e Reach is blue, Stormlands Dark Red.)-  51, 103, 0, 255.

Deathclaw (Chieftain of the Outcasts)
Must run his kingdom.
Cant be kidnapped but he can be Fear rped into a cell if he has 5 people and no allies around him. (outnumbered 5-1)
Allows Khajit to sell outside kingdom.
Can change the prices khajit sell at.
Commands his army.
Number of spaces-1
needed level-30
Allowed Weapons- All weapons. The Daedric Warhammer.
Spawn with- Daedric Warhammer. 100 armor.200 health.

Miraak (WarChief)- The Co-leader of the outcasts.
Must obey the leader (deathclaw)
Can be kidnapped. and can be fear rped in a 3-1.
If there is no deathclaw present he takes over the role as leader of the kingdom.
When morphed into a human he may not use his Vortigaunt beam.
Number of spaces-1
Needed Level-25
Allowed Weapons- Vortigaunt Beam. handcuffs. Morph to human. Shortswords.
Spawn with- Vortigaunt beam and morph to human. 160 health no armor.

Raven Warrior- Elite warriors. Called the(Raven)
Listen to the leader, and join the war when needed.
There main job is to protect the Khajits and the kingdom.
Number of spaces-3
Needed Level- 20
Allowed weapons- Monster SWEP and shortswords, handcuffs.
Spawn with Monster SWEP. 130 health. 50 armor.

Upper Khajit Slavemaster-
Listen to the chain of command.
He can kidnap. But his main job is to imprison the slaves for the Chieftain or Buy slaves and sell them through the Khajits.
He can hire Bandits to help him.
Number of spaces-1
Needed Level-18
Allowed weapons- Handcuffs. Shortswords. Silver staff
Spawn with- Silver staff. Handcuffs.

Male and Female options.
What they can sell. Iron Saber (1400). Silver shortsword (2500). Imperial shortsword (2000). Daedric club (1800). Draugr Bow (2500).
Reinforced Leather armor(400). steel plate armor.(1200)
Plump pumpkin.(800) Antlion haggis.(600) spider head.(1000)
They can only sell at their tents/stalls. And only at these stalls/market.
number of spaces- 2 max of each gender 4 in total.
Needed Level-13
Allowed weapons-Shortswords. Allowed handcuffs.
Dont spawn with in with any weapons. or sweps. but 100 health.

Male and Female options.
Bow or sword.
Act as the warriors for the kingdoms.
Listens to the chain of command.
Live in the kingdom.
number of spaces-(the same as Warrior and Bowmen of Stormlands.)
needed Level-8
Allowed weapons- All bows and all swords. Handcuffs.
Don't spawn with any weapons. or sweps. but normal health no armor.

Thanks Guys, i love all the players. Its a shame this never happened.

This is proof against the allegations set by Alex with all due respect you completely demoted us for a wrong reason we did care as we spent at least 3 days coming up with the actual ideas and stuff we spent like 2 weeks making this notably alot of it was Badger and Jeron/Jason but oh well this is still proof in my eyes that we cared about the community and Kingdom itself

Justice for Leah and Badger
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Do i see a little bit of the beast faction in here. Heheheheh I love it!!!!!
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We've always CARED about the community and particularly Kingdom. Some of the things I've put in here were the reason's why we felt we NEEDED a break as well as real life reason's. We were WRONGLY demoted, and then banned for saying our opinions on it. We've always CARED. We still do but we don't feel we want to be part of this community anymore after the work we put in can seemingly be forgotten in an instant. The fact that i got demoted when it was agreed i was on a break its pretty incredible if i'm honest. The same with Leah she was also on a break and get's demoted. The community higher up's don't care about the work you put in, it seems, so my advice would be not to bother.
Cool beans

Leah Yeah Leah
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I Have To Say I Was On When They Did This We Where Happy That Someone had Thought Off Something Because We Was All Brain Storming Then Someone Said Outcast And This Started About (6pm) We Ended Up Finishing Some What A Lot Off It About (1am) Badger,Leah And Jason Did Most Off The Work But The Thing Is We Had Fun Doing It. Badger,Leah And Jason Did All The Rules If The Weapons Are To Op Or Not. Then We Sent It Off To Alex As Far As We New KingdomRp Would Have The Outcasts Coming So We Told Everyone That Something Will Be Replacing The Demons And What Do You Know We get The Evil Kingdom *Cough* *Cough* Something We All Worked On And Not A 10 Minute Idea Not!!. #MakeInfinityGreatAgain
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What a WASTE  of a GREAT project manually formed by the staff of this community.

I love the new map, as it has much more variety and it seems more fleshed out and fit for a KingdomRP!
What I dislike ALOT about the current server is the new faction.
It is so simple, boring and it honestly seems rushed even though there was a perfect answer right here created by a great band of people.
The "evils" kingdom brings no magic to the server nor a fear factor, it just doesn't make it quite UNIQUE.
I really empathize with these guys as their hard-work honestly got no recognition on the server itself, and it was such a great idea too! Why wasn't it added?? They literally created an entire faction for you and you completely IGNORED it and gave the server a non-needed generic kingdom.

Bigger updates need to come to keep myself (and possibly others interested) so let's see if the current staff can fix this.

Props to the guys and gals who came up with this entirely new faction just for the server! It truly showed how much you guys cared and I am devastated that it wasn't added! Big thank you to you for wasting your time on us. Obviously we didn't deserve it since it wasn't added. 
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Please donate £1 to the #Justice fund and we can "MAKE INFINITY GREAT AGAIN!"
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