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The Outcasts Kingdom. (Wasn't Added)
I feel as this needs to be reassessed!!!
[Image: giphy.gif]
After organising an event
Sure Thing
[Image: 5mw2NVWTRFaw3ESL-P00rA.png]
Why do you think I don't play as much anymore? After being an admin for so long, and almost head-admin I realised that the true people who care about the server are its loyal players. The ones who try and get player count up, who try and keep new players on the server. People who teach people how to roleplay and try and have fun. People who create events to keep interest. I feel, just like I always had that Alex has lost care about the server and its community. I don't think the community will ever fall because of the strong players who cling onto it.
Previous staff members and current see suggestions and can't do anything about it. The only one who has power is Alex and he doesn't trust anyone to help manage the server. To be honest, I wish the community would fall apart, just so a more caring owner could take place with caring players to create something great but this doesn't seem to be the case.
Not only I, but many other players have posted suggestions, brilliant suggestions only to be ignored or told that it will be mentioned to Alex for him to only ignore us.

I'm really sick of trying with this community. As much as I love the people, Im really starting to hate what is becoming a common story about the "Leader" of the community.
If he was only trusting,

I could create custom playermodels for the server.
I could create Jobs for the server.
I could create custom plugins for the server.

But no, this can't be done because the owner doesn't trust any of us.
Wheres a community without trust guys? Where is it?
Drop me a PM on the forums, or add me on steam @ Crispyduck97 to discuss any ideas you have for the server. Stay amazing people.
Just thought I'd bump this post so we can remember what could have been or what we could easily have if Alex got off his fucking arse.
[Image: raw]

I find it humorous that you believed Kingdom had hope after this happened 3 times in a row... It's what Alex does. Big update then does nothing and kicks out the staff who complain then the new Owner comes in and then rinse and repeat...

Like Varrick said, Alex trusts no one.
Sadly what Kobra saying is true, Alex doesn't trust anyone. I also know first hand.. that when the server's die and the owner's complain they are demoted and a new one is chosen who believes that they can change how Alex runs Infinity, for short periods he has changed and gave the updates we've asked but in the end it always goes back to the same shit. Kingdom did come back for a couple of months as we were given the updates we wanted.

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