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admin abuse
I would like to report admin abuse to niklas ninqx
i was a werewolf and he was in the forest as a pupil i killed him the afetr that he nocliped and come behind me grabbed me with his phys gun let me go and killed me but if i am correct he shouldnt know that as he had died and that is NRL (new life rule)
Please use the template to report and there is no proof so nobody can judge if you are telling the truth or just going on a hate rant towards somebody. Niklas is a great member of staff who does his job very well.
Zeffron Stevens - Ex Staff
happy to help.
[Image: ac1c21a5ce2473dbe0af0d1aaa9b3d35eb25069a_full.jpg]

Your Admin Abuse report is denied, due to the fact that you didn't follow the Template.
Also, this is the wrong server section, this is CityLifeRP.

By the way. If you're going to make this report again on the HogwartsRP server section, here's some advise.
Follow the template, and include some actual proof inside the report such as Screenshots, videos, etc.
Signed By Bormeus

[Image: 8XjBRtdGalgWY.gif]

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