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Stealth's Unban Request
Name of the admin that banned you: Marcus Da Vinci

Your RP name: (I don't remember this was a long time ago)

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116108543

Reason for the Ban: "Advertising"

Length of your Ban: Forever

Screen Message during your connection:=====================================

  You have been banned from this server


Time Left:

  -17093d 4h 41m 51s 

Banned by:

  Marcus Da Vinci(STEAM_0:1:29333959)



Unban Request:

explanations: To be honest I don't even remember advertising. I want to be unbanned as I had vip on this server and want to start playing again. All I remember was that someone was salty and they went to an admin then the admin and then the admin banned me. I do not recall advertising. If I did I am sure it is not worthy of a perma ban. 

Hopefully you are kind and let me back onto your server!

So can i get unbanned?
Can i get unbanned please?

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