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Free ban
i just joined the server and i was playing as Arour i went into the Dark forest to save a Student and Admin Peeta Lilium (Daniel) Asked me to leave the Forest so i did Peacefully and after that i changed job Because i got Bored then i was Free banned for having to Many Waring's???? I really dont understand i only have 3 from the past and i have to many???? Also i joined the server and then got kicked Straight away for Point Farming and i wasnt so i had to join back Just i fell that i was unfairly banned  Angry
[Image: ac1c21a5ce2473dbe0af0d1aaa9b3d35eb25069a_full.jpg]

Your Unban Request is denied, due to the fact that you didn't follow the Template.
Also, this is CityLifeRP, not HogwartsRP. Check what server section you're in before posting.
Signed By Bormeus

[Image: 8XjBRtdGalgWY.gif]
Also please read job descriptions, rules and signs around the map. It specifies that if you are under 6th year you cannot enter unless your Auror leader starts a scout mission or you are a student in Hagrid's rescue squad (max 3 people).
[Image: giphy.gif]
I would also like to add for future reference that the ban for too many warnings is our crappy auto ban system BUT saying that you shouldn't be breaking rules to get a warning in the first place.
Oh and going in the Forest is a instant warning as you should be reading your job rules and there is actually a sign that says you can't go in either.

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