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HogwartsRP Rules
HogwartsRP Rules

IC = In Character.

OOC = Out Of Character.

AOS = Arrested On Sight.

LTAP = Leaving To Avoid punishment

What results in a ban

⦁ Sexual or Rape RP.
⦁ Homophobia or Racism (In extreme cases this can result in a permanent ban).
⦁ Mass freespelling.
⦁ Disrespecting, antagonising or ignoring Staff.
⦁ Continued Mic spam and trolling after a kick.
⦁ Leaving to avoid punishment - LTAP (12 hour ban)
⦁ Inappropriate name changes.
⦁ The use of Cheats, Glitches or Hacks can result in a permanet ban.
⦁ Self supplying spells is not allowed and will result in a ban, this also goes for players who are supplied.
⦁ DrugRP can result in a warning or a ban depending on the severity.
⦁ Glitching people out of the map as Headless Nick or Moaning Murtle is not allowed.
⦁ Making fun of illness be it mental or physical is not tolerated.
⦁ If a staff member deems a topic innapropriate, then you must stop talking about it. Otherwise you will be warned/kicked/banned.

Bans can be appealed here: http://infinitygaming.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=9 (Do not appeal if your ban is 4 hours or less)

What is not appropriate for a RP Name

⦁ Innuendos - for example "Mike Litoris" or "Big Richard".
⦁ The first name Dick is not allowed.
⦁ Racist or Homophobic terms are not allowed in names.
⦁ No extremist or political figure names - for example "Adolf Hitler" or "Hillary Clinton".
⦁ Names must not be in all caps and you must have both a First/Last name.
⦁ Names with titles is not allowed - e.g. Mr, Mrs, Girl, Boy, Lord, The or Professor (Professor is allowed for teachers for RP reasons)
⦁ Names with adjectives is not allowed - E.g. Big or Small
⦁ Names that imitate or take away from staff names is not allowed.
How to change name F4 → Actions → Change RP name or  type /rpname in chat
If a Staff member tells you they don't think the name is appropriate you must change it.

What results in an arrest

⦁ Talking in Class while PTS (permission to speak) is active.
⦁ Getting up or trying to leave class in session.
⦁ Late entry to classes when Advert is made - For example " Late students will not be let in class, any late students will be AOS"
⦁ Stealing Spells.
⦁ Mic Spamming.
⦁ Freespelling/RDM.
⦁ FailRP: Sitting on someones head, sitting on someone elses dragon, refusing to leave class E.T.C.

Students being outside of class during lesson time does not warrant arrest, any prefects or staff caught doing so will be warned. It is Dumbledore's job to instruct students to go to class however they do not have to go, ignoring Dumbledore may get you called into his office.
If you do not turn up to this Office Dumbledore may advert for you to be arrested or bought to him.

General Rules

⦁ Going AFK for longer than 10 minutes will result in a kick for AFK/Force farming.
⦁ No advertising allowed.
⦁ Do not use extremist symbols like swastikas or hammers and sickles.
⦁ If you see someone breaking the rules, contact an admin. Do not fix the problem by yourself.
⦁ Do not insult other players or the Staff.
⦁ Do not spam in chat.
⦁ To request an admin (@ command or ///) your message must contain useful information such as the reason you requested the admin. Any non-relevant messages or aggression can result in a kick.
⦁ Extremist roleplay or extremist talk is not permitted in chat.
⦁ Wand Skins must not be supplied by VIP's, these can be won in events. If you are caught giving or stealing Wand Skins you will be banned. 

Remember that the decisions of the Staff are final, they are not negotiable.
However if a staff abuses power and you have proof you can report it here: http://infinitygaming.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=10

Game mode Rules

⦁ Dueling/testing spells is not permitted in the halls of hogwarts, this can only be done in challenge and battle room.
⦁ Shooting spells in the hallways, (without a target) is still freespelling and will result in a warning.
⦁ The only spells permitted to be used are movement and healing spells, the use of any other spells, even if they are non damaging, can be counted as freespelling.
⦁ If you are told to put your wand away by a teacher, prefect or staff then you must put it away.
⦁ Do not ask for spells outside of lessons, continuing to do so will result in a warning.
⦁ Ignoring Teachers or Prefects as a student is not allowed.
⦁ Do not go into the forest if you are below 6th year, doing so will result in a warning.
⦁ Do not go into other houses common rooms, teachers are permitted to enter for valid RP reasons.
⦁ Only Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are allowed to enter the Chamber of Secrets.
⦁ During lockdowns the Dark Forces have the right to attack Hogwarts and kill the students that aren't in their dorms, when the lockdown ends the Dark Forces have to return to the Forbidden Forest.
⦁ Do not leave the Quiditch field with a broom.
⦁ Breaking out of cuffs is not allowed, students must be rescued as a result of this.
⦁ Deatheater Slaves must not randomly attack people, this counts as freespelling and FailRP.
⦁ Deatheaters Slaves must not kill or torture kidnapped students, that is the job for Deatheaters and Voldemort.
⦁ Shooting spells into/out of the forest freely is not permitted and will result in a warning/ban.
⦁ Breaking the NLR (New life rule) is FailRP. Once killed you do not remember anything and people do not remember killing you either.
⦁ Sitting on people is FailRP and will result in a warning/arrest if continued, you can only sit on Dragons but this may only be allowed if you are the master.
⦁ No Prop Climbing or Prop Blocking (Prop blocking is using props to block an entrance, person or entity. Prop Climbing is using props to reach areas which would otherwise be inaccessable).
⦁ Killing yourself in game, not respawning and talking is Failrp and will result in a warn.

Class rules

⦁ When PTS (Permission To Speak) is active do not speak and if you want to talk, type "/me raises hand", If you talk without permission you will be AOS (Arrested On Sight).
⦁ Sit down in class and listen to the Teacher and Prefects, standing up can also result in AOS.
⦁ When a Teacher dismisses a year, the students of that year MUST leave.
⦁ Other Teachers may not attend classes, they may only enter the class with permission from the Teacher who is currently teaching the class.
⦁ Hagrid, Porter and Dragons may not attend classes.
⦁ During lessons, wands must be put away.
⦁ When lining up for a spell, you must not push in line, otherwise you will be AOS and denied a spell.
⦁ After recieving a spell in class, do not use it unless permitted to.
⦁ When late to class you will not be let in, A prefect or a teacher may lock the door and any attempts to go in will result in AOS.
⦁ House prefects must sit down during lessons - they have the same rights as normal students, only Prefects who can arrest may stand.

Challenge and battleroom Rules

You must use spells equal to your opponent.
V.I.P spells are not allowed.
 You must not kill.
20hp or below is a loss.
You must not go off the platform or go over the middle.
Cheating is a instant loss and will result in punishment

Chat Commands
⦁ "/Advert"  - Use this to either advert Rules, Events or RP situations (Do not advert if you have been kidnapped, to talk or find other players locations).
⦁ "//" or "/ooc" To talk in OOC - This is out of character and non RP chat
⦁ "///"  or "@" To contact an admin - Only use this if you have an important issue or there are rulebreakers, this chat is not for discussions.
⦁ "/Me"  This command is for roleplay scenes to describe what you are doing.

Do not Metagame - Metagaming is putting IC information in OOC chat, for example saying you are kidnapped.
Do not Power Game - Power Gaming is performing an action in the game that is impossible IRL (In Real Life), for example jumping from a roof and continuing on.

Disclaimer for V.I.P+ and Epic V.I.P
Being V.I.P does not exempt from following the rules, as donator you have paid for spells and new jobs NOT to break rules freely.
V.I.P's will be punished the same as non V.I.P players. Respect the server's rules and people.

You can find the detailed rules for each job role here: http://infinitygaming.net/showthread.php?tid=1666

You can find the Class Timetable here: http://infinitygaming.net/showthread.php?tid=1674

You can find spell category/Permitted spells here: http://infinitygaming.net/showthread.php?tid=2330

You Can find Theory Lesson outlines Here: http://infinitygaming.net/showthread.php?tid=1996

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