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Keycard scanners for Security Levels
Hello mates Robin here and this is about an addon in the workshop that should help with the security in general.

[Image: 1b46a70ae6529bd7cee12287083f46f5.png]

This little thing is a Keycard scanner its can be build with a tool-gun and works as it connected with a Numpad or other key-bind. (Example Fading door. etc.)

The idea behind it is to make security doors and other constructs that help the SCP-Fondation. It helps to block you not wanted personal and also makes the security sector

able to build checkpoints and bring more all time role play into the server.

In the same draw I want to also suggest that the addon 'Fading Doors' should be added. As said before it works well with Keycards scanners and buttons.
[Image: 6OxX3uB.jpg]
At last I would like to give the addon pack 'Wire' a chance. This pack will add many different tools and object to the server. Helping in constructing new machines and 
to guard the corridors and SCPs.

[Image: wired_holosphere___gmod__by_theunrealsephiroth.jpg]

At last I would to say that the first two things should be accessible for everyone except Class-Ds. And that wire tool should be only accessible for Vip and higher.

Keycard-scanner: (Models |Needed| , Keycardscanner |Scriptfolder|)
Fading-Door: (Fading Door)
Wire: (wire Mod tools)
Keypad: (workshop)

Thanks for reading, your Robin.
We were gonna add the key-card scanner already just wait until the next update.
BioToxic Mate
[Image: gdi.gif]
Well this comment was not helpful at all. What about wire and keypads?
(11-06-2016, 12:41 PM)LeonHG Wrote: Well this comment was not helpful at all. What about wire and keypads?

keypads isnt good because only one person know the code if u tell it on /ooc class d will know it too so keycard scanners are better
This might be added in on the next update but it would make the wait on the next update longer because Paintlag(map builder) would have to scirpt the doors to interact with the keycard scanner and this could seriously screw up other thinks on his map.
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror

We would need "Wire" there... You can do awesome things with it... If you know how to use it Big Grin
[Image: VWyEruw.png]

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