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Staff Of The Week (Week 2)
 One day late, but oh well here it is again. Can i ask all staff to also promote this to the players on the server, to get more people voting.To vote reply to this post with the person 
you wish to vote for and A VALID reason why. You may only vote once 
and only for one person.

List of Staff

Senior SuperAdmin
Badger (Profile)

Beowulf (Profile)
Alex Smith (Profile)

Max Robinson (Profile)
Tracer (Mr.Salty) (Profile)

Lord Lenny (Profile)
Draconys (Profile)
Melon King (Profile)
Bear (Profile)
Jesus (Profile)
Krillinu (Profile)

Taril [DrakeSake] (Profile)
George (Profile)
Duck (Profile)
Princess Emma (Profile)
Locin Dragonic (Profile)

Everyone can vote, staff, players. From Kingdom or anywhere as long as they give a reason! I will announce the winner on Tuesday most likely. The times we make this post may change in the coming weeks but expect it definitely every week.
+1 badger even if hes not that active on the server hes still working hard to make krp a better place
[Image: sneaking.gif]
+1 Lord lenny

As i see him being alot active on the server and everytime when somebody calls for help he arrives very fast.And is very good at handeling it.
Ex-KRP Admin Locin Dragonic

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: 1455570515-infinitylogov2.png]
Staff Of The Week (Week 2)
 For Staff Off The Week I Am Going 
To Pick (Tracer) He Is On A Lot Despite He 
Is Super Busy With Work And School! 

Alex Smith 
[Image: 7a967faa9b934a7b885203eefdaf9147.ashx?la=en][Image: I+am+the+King+(Gif).gif]
Still Locin!
He is always on, always doing his job right.
And always a nice guy!
Just Promote him already!
[Image: raw]
Alex smith on everyday
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
+1 Alex Smith,
spent allot of time talking to this guy through the week and is very good at handling sits. He is also on very often.
[Image: giphy.gif]
After organising an event
+1 Locin Great At Handling Sits
[Image: 5mw2NVWTRFaw3ESL-P00rA.png]
Umm can i vote XD if so i vote Alex Smith because he is a very active staff member who knows how to do his job properly and hes always great banter Big Grin
[Image: 2ttlS08.gif]
i would pick badger since he is a fun guy and is always helping the server

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