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David Anders is here.
Hey guys most of you may know me from hogwarts RP and been nagging me to get on the forums. You have seen how I roleplay and take care of situations but thats only part of the story. I have been around for awhile and been part of all sorts of roleplay communities but this one welcomed me the most. The staff are some of the kindest around yet always ready to enforce the rules which in my eyes is very good.

People are never perfect and chasing perfection turns into obsession. So i always say go for what will be best because thats the best you can do.

I have had several staff members wanting me to apply for moderator and I will not let them down. But I will tell you this, we all have a life to live and I must focus on that however I will not let you all down. Thank you all for giving me a warm welcome and you may even see a few backstories for some of my characters.
We are always progressing in life no matter what.

David Anders - 6th year Ravenclaw
Professor Horatio Nicholas Teldier - Wizardry/Dueling teacher
Seriac - Hatchling Dragon (No Master/Difficult to tame)
Hey! Welcome to the forums! I've seen you on Hogwarts and love your RP. I hope you continue to have fun on the server, whether you apply for staff or just as a player! Tongue

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