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Job Names.
I just thought about some Stuff,

Since the actualy SCP Foundation got MTF Guards who are specialized to handle Breaches
and other things, i was thinking about Suggesting like the Security Guard Name
into MTF (Mobile Task Force) and the Security Recruit instead to the Security Guard?

I was just thinking about it because there are no MTF Jobs currently, and the MTF's are
an important Part of the whole Lore.

The Players can actually Patroul around the Facility then instead of standing
at the Class D Cells for the whole Day.

Just a Random Idea, let me know what you think about it
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I like it, I see nothing wrong with it. It makes good sense and hope it can be changed!
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This actually seems quite good to be honest, I feel people would enjoy SCP more if they weren't trapped at the D class cells all the time. Smile
Nothing wrong with the suggestion.

[Image: Sr7Z1Y7.png]
this has a high chance of being added to SCP RP.

also if anyone has the link to the MTF Guard player models would be a great help towards inproving SCP RP
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