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Becoming a staff member

I'm lucas aka Bot NICK and i would like to become a staff member because it's something i like to do. 
I can be on almost every day and i speak fluently english. I hope to have an answer to if i'm accapted or not soon. 

Thanks in advance
Pretty much denied you dint use a template xd
There is no specified template to use Goofy? Its understandable in his position.
[Image: giphy.gif]Joker...[Image: giphy.gif]

Although there is no current template for applying on Military (Me and George will fix this) This app will be Denied. Please Re-apply when the template is up which should be later today.
                                                          [Image: 61452cbfa4f1ee93932c8575cbf44054f08e8959...e692_1.gif]                                                                        

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