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Would just like to adress what happened.
I would just like to adress what happened.

So me and my friend TheMintyMango (STEAM_0:1:93567151) I started messing around in game with Minty and I started to hit a friend I recalled from earlier (In a joking way) I then went to see what minty was doing when I got hit from behind and then turnt and killed the wrong person (Who was on low health) I was then pulled a way and was spoken to in quite a rude manner by a member of staff by the name of  Ella (STEAM_0:1:84082966) I was very polite when I could not hear her and spoke to her and tryed to co-opirate. I was then banned for 240 minutes (2 hours) 
Name of the admin that banned you: Ella 

Your RP name: James Foot

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82104148

Reason for the Ban:"RDM"

Length of your Ban:240 Minutes (4 Hours)

Screen Message during your connection: "You have been banned from this server"

explanations: (NA)
Your ban should be up, just avoid situations like this in the future.
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