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MilitaryRP Staff Rules
MilitaryRP Staff Rules
These rules are in place to ensure that players enjoy themselves on the server.

1. Do not noclip off-duty (unless needed).
2. Do not set your hp or the hp of others while roleplaying.
3. Do not use god-mode while roleplaying.
4. Do not use your powers in any way to give yourself or other unfair advantages.
5. Do not use teleport commands off-duty (unless needed).
6. If there is a limited supply of guns or ammo, become a gun dealer (you can force yourself as one if necessary).
7. If there is a large amount of untrained Trainees, it is your job to train them.
8. Try your best to play as a role that balances the two teams.
9. You may challenge the opinion of higher ranked staff members if you believe they were incorrect, but their decision is always final.
10. Do not let personal opinion or emotion affect your judgement.
11. Always respect players, no matter how many times they break rules - your job is to be professional.
10. Punish those who break rules with a verbal warning, then by using the warning command from there after. Bans are only necessary for those who are obviously and constantly uncooperative or for mass rule breaks (eg. Mass RDM, Racism).

Strikes will be given to staff members who constantly disobey these rules. Use common sense. If you receive 3 strikes, it is likely you will face demotion. You may also be demoted without receiving any strikes.

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