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Some new player said that our server is like cancer. I want to fix it and make better server, this is my suggestion:

1. We need to add some new job
2. Admin have to kick people what mass RDM or Failrp
3. Update rules at MOTD
4. New playermodels for security & CS
5. I will edit current map to add more rooms
6. Admins have to trust me i don't want to destroy server
7. I hate this when someone say on chat ''Cancer RP, Cancer Staff''

Operation is not end on Number 7 you have perm to give more 
Forgive for grammar i don't speak english i just want you to understand me

If Operation will end successful server will work better than before
I will edit this post, you can write what you think about this.
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People who mention cancer need to be punished as it is a sensitive subject. And talking about server and staff like that should be bannable. I mention this here because its done on HogwartsRP, MilitaryRP and KingdomRP to my knowledge.

Mass RDM and FailRP should be banned as well.

Also Wyde doesn't like other people changing the current content as he has his own way of managing content. A few of us are thinking of updating a few maps and models bu we're not sure if Wyde will think it's okay or not so we're just testing for now. (This covers all servers)
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The thing is if they say canserrp they're the real canser people because they keep annyoing people, minging, being racists plus being a cunt.
BioToxic Mate
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I really want to help
I like so much SCP like Mike i dont want to lost this server i dont want to get perma or something i dont want player what dont know how to rp
my english is not good how i say so i cant apply for Mod, Admin, HAdmin, SA

I want to promote this server.
I will record video and recommend this server.
I will record scp cb too and i will upload videos on infinitygaming forum

I want on server Keycard system [O5,SV] Lvl5 [TU, CS] LVL.4 [Researcher Confirmed, researcher] LVL.3 [Security Guard, Doctor, Intesive Surface Technican] LVL.2 [All other] LVL.1

Btw add Trusted & Supporter ULX group This is good idea
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]O5 MEMBER MISTERX
Actually im working to help the server with this stuff

1 NEW FUCKING AWESOME MAP: The map will have the SCP 1499 Dimension,Extended Pocket Area,Located in the Himalaya,O5 office (Supervisor and CMD too),lockdown button (This will close all the exits).

2 SCP PLAYERMODELS AND SWEPS: SCP 178,939,1499,Sleep Killers,etc + NINE TAILED FOX PLAYERMODELS AND ORIGINAL GUARD PLAYERMODELS (When i finish the map i work more on them)

3 MAYBE MORE JOBS !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

4 SCP RP ITEMS: Nigh Vision Googles,SCP 178,SCP 420-J,Duckies,Working SCP 012.

PS: Im spanish but i know English 80%

(Working 2 hours everyday to finish the map + work in stuff)
I appreciate the Concern but I mainly have Mr.Adams report to me on what addons should and should not be added to the server, Because I have my full trust towards him. So use him as your gate keeper to get things to me.

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