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New Swep For SCP-173
Hello infinity gaming when i Played on your SCPRP server as SCP-173 i found out that

i cann't "control" The Swep wift that i mean i cannt control who i kill next so i have this swep for you

Here is the Link:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...xt=SCP+173

When you want test it for yourself and when you Like it could you add it to the Server

This was all and Thanks for Reading

[I Know its not Very long]
I have already showed them this swep a long time ago, plus this addon is much better because you can manual snap peoples neck but you need the slenderman teleportation swep to teleport one place to another.
BioToxic Mate
[Image: gdi.gif]

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