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Reporting a Racist.
Date of Incident: 29th of November 2016

RP Name of the player being accused: Jimmy Tinfoil

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: Don't have.

Reason for the Report: Sending me a racist word.

Proof (Screenshot / Video): Proof

Extra Info: He even did it multiple times, and changed the blackboard to "Black people to the right pure skin to the left" and called some others  "Ni***rs"
[Image: raw]
Player Report Accepted
There is enough proof of Racism here, and i saw him in game being racist also. He will be given a Perma-Ban.
(Thankyou for your report)
                                                          [Image: 61452cbfa4f1ee93932c8575cbf44054f08e8959...e692_1.gif]                                                                        
There was loads of people just running around and shouting stuff like "cunt" "nigger" "faggot" and all sorts
[Image: giphy.gif]
Nique les sales arabes

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