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Peter Dash's New Staff App
Name: Steam ϟ Rainbow Dash ϟ, IRL: David

Age: 15 1/2 (In 3 Months 16)

Availability (minimum of 4 hours per day): I Have nothing better To do I Come From School and Sit infont of the computer from day to night. So Arround 8 Hours Maybe More.

Do you own a microphone?: Yes, I can't Stand When People Write It just takes To long.

Do you have access to teamspeak?: Yes, I sometimes use TS but I mostly Use Discord.

A few words about your personality: I like Gaming, Have Nothing Better To do Then Sit infront of the Computer all Day. I like mlp (Don't Judge me). And I like any Kind of Music Exept Folks and stuff. I like Hardstyle,Trance etc.

Roleplay Name: Peter Dash

SteamID (http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:145142470

What is your level on the server?: 15

Timezone: GMT+01:00, Middleeuropean Normaltime

Server: I mostly Play on SCP RP Cuz it Is fun But If im Mod I will Check Every Server.

Rage Reasons: Little Kids Screamming Into the Microphone.

[i]A few words about you and your interests: I would like to be Mod on the Server Cuz I come on here Daily If Another Server wich is my Favourite is Down I just come on Here And have fun.

Your motivation for becoming a staff member: I am From Germany, So I Come on the Server and See Prop Spammers Wich Happend Yesterday btw. We had to try and Make Him leave becouse the Server Broke Twice. So if I would have been Mod I would have First Tell him too stop, And if he still would have keept on going I would Ban him For trying to Crash the Server.

Why should we pick you and not someone else?: Becouse Some People Abuse their Power. But im A person who Doesnt Like Abusing Stuff. And if Im new to A server Like level 1 and New I first ask staff what to do Instead of Going Full retard And Try and crash the server.

Your strengths/weaknesses: My Strength is Talking To people (not being shy like most people). My Weaknesses Are Screaming Kids who yell into the Microphone.

What will you bring to MilitaryRP?: My Full Experience of Being an Admin And Mod on Other RP servers. And Friends. But alot of my Friends Allready Play on this Server.

Someone has been reported for FailRP and RDM, explain how you would deal with the situation: First I would Go to the Person who Got reported And Ask him to Stop (what Ever hes doing) And After that I would Go to him and Tell him To stop Again but Give Him a Warning After That. And If he Does Stupid S*it Again I Am going to ban Him (The Time of the Ban depends on what he was doing)


You see another staff member abusing their powers, explain how you would deal with this situation: First I would check if hes a Higher rank Than me If He is I would Try and Get another Staff Who is Higher Than Him, The Reason for that Is that I would Tell him to Stop That Would make him think To ban me. Becouse It has Happend To Me Before, So and then I Would Use my Recording Software to Record What he Is Doing So I have Proof Of what he is Doing. And He would have left I would show the superadmin, Owner etc The Video.

Additional comments: 

Previous punishments (bans, warns, ect.): I didn't Get Warned on This server Once nor Bans.
[i]Steam nickname and/or profile link: ϟ Rainbow Dash ϟ[/i]
Who gave you permission to miss out vacaroo?
[Image: giphy.gif]
(12-02-2016, 02:39 PM)Jed I Knight Wrote: Who gave you permission to miss out vacaroo?

It was Communist Bear ask him self If you want. Im not Lying.
Who gave you premission to copy the application?
If you want permission to type your Vocaroo you have to ask the Owner (Alex Nord) or the SeniorSA (George)
[Image: giphy.gif]
-1 From me because you skiped voice
I am German and I am proud of it  Blush
No room for pony's
Vocaroo missing.
Maybe nice to see you on the server at some point.
Exp, not fully given.
Charilie oh charlie, here i am oh Charlie.
You need permission to type the Vocaroo section (On Military)
You got permission from Bear who has no rank on Military, You should go to George (Senior SA) or an Owner (Me or Alex Nord)
I Believe this app may have been placed in the wrong section.

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