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MilitaryRP is dead?
As you all know, MilitaryRP is pretty much dead. It was good at the beginning and now I think it is dead.
We have a maximum of 12-15 players if we are lucky. I will always enjoy being a member of staff but the server is slowly dying out. I feel like I speak for everyone who plays on the server, we do not want it to be deserted. We enjoy having fun on the server but it can be very boring when you are all alone. I just feel like this should be said. I hope the server becomes more populated over time but right now the chances do not look good. All that I think the server needs is more players on the server for more people to join. That's all I have to say.
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Its dead
Ahright, well yes.. Military is dying if not dead. It was good in the first couple of weeks, We had plenty of players and it was a lot of fun. However i believe there was a massive number of players from the other servers in the community, but when they got bored or were needed on their respective servers they left. When they were on they did bring a lot of new players as well, obviously seeing the server with a lot of players on. In the same way they have also slowly left particularly after the player base dropped.

Now we have to ask why? why did the newer players eventually leave, in my opinion Military needed some updates, clear rules, and a big staff team. None we quite managed to get.. the rules got far better and were alright in the end but there was still some confusion. The staff team started to grow, but most were just helping out from other servers and ended up not being on as much. For updates i know George (The SeniorSA) thought about a lot and requested a lot, more fixes then updates. However it was tiresome and not all were done, or not to what he wanted. I know Alex (Wyde) (The Community Owner) did have plans and was invested in growing Military.

For the future, i still think Military can get back. I know George has been busy recently, but when he gets back hopefully it will start to get some more updates/fixes. Growing the player base is a lot harder particularly as it wont have as much help from staff and players from the other Infinity servers. It also has a lot of competition, but at least that proves the gamemode is popular. I hope to see it back up again, we will see.
Yes, and I am sorry for my recent inactivity.
The only problem we have is that there are communities out there that are dedicated to their MilitaryRP servers; they are constantly full and really well made.
Yeah, I just thought that I should say something.
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