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Operation revive miltaryrp is started!
Lets revive miltaryrp 
Lets talk to wyde abot some updates lets revive miltaryrp!
/advert Raid!
We defenetly need some updates if we want more players in my opinion. Since atm its just a grind to get levels and there isnt that much point in the game. The only thing i have on my mind right now is that we should maybe (Only maybe since this may take away some of the charm from the server's current state) add some Regiments. Like: SAS, Navy Seals, RAF, GIGN and so on. Thats all i can offer right now Smile

  1. Roses are red, violets are blue,I'm a man, you're a woman,You know what to do! 
There is a lot of competition for military roleplay,this server needs a lot of stuff to be able to compete with the other servers.
I wish you good luck, and you might see me sometimes joining,if i have time.
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