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Your RP name: Dany Himmler

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88465630

Reason for the Ban: Disrespect

Length of your Ban: Time Left -17142d 3h 25m

Screen Message during your connection: Banned Disrespect

explanations: I have disrespected a kid who was pissing off me and my friends and we reported him however continuing so they admins didn't care and didn't do anything about it. And we disrespected him back and an admin catches us and bans us. However my ban date is ridiculous.
Who banned you though?

Also your RP name has the last name Himmler which is highly inappropriate

Also I believe you may have the wrong thread because Military has been dead for the last week
[Image: giphy.gif]
1+ But Not for the ban to get destroyed I want it reduced to 5 - 10 minutes because that ban is way too long.
[Image: 6dee70a50a57bc0a70d03447d28add7ee3b084e7...7f1ecb.jpg]

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