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Help from a super admin? (SCP-RP)
[I have spoken to Joker about this, he was supposed to sort this out today but didn't come online. Just to see if there are any other super admins or higher to help me with this I posted this thread]

So here is the deal, yesterday at 7:10pm I realised since I come on the server so much, I may as well buy VIP+. So I did. And it didn't come through. I initially thought you buy the VIP and the admins come to you and sort it out, I spoke to Joker and apparently, the server is supposed to give it to you on purchase. This of course is not the case. As stated above I spoke to Joker (Senior SA) about this however he has not appeared online today, and since I purchased this yesterday I'm kind-of freaking out...

Without a doubt Joker will eventually come online and help me, however if any super admins are maybe available and could sort this out earlier I would really appreciate it...

Thanks, CoolWomble.
Only Senior Super Admins on SCP or Alex Nord are able to add your rank, so sadly i can't help. It should normally add it automatically after you have paid, sometimes it doesn't and in these situations we just ask the player to get proof of their payment, for example a screenshot of the transaction. Hopefully Bear (Joker) will be on tomorrow to do that for you, if no other staff are able to. Good luck, it should be sorted tomorrow!

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