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SCP-RP Canteen!
Hello everybody, today i would like to tell you about adding canteen on SCP-RP Lockdown server! As you know where is an empty canteen situated near 05 office (near gate A), but i would like to suggest it working! So there are some screenshots to prove its SCP-RP lockdown http://imgur.com/gallery/5kpD7. So i would be cool to add some workers that can start working from lvl 5 or 10, also this make that part of map more playable, all canteen workers like chef and etc. will have 1st lvl of keycard , gravity gun, they can spawn food and drinks, and they cant actually move wherever they want. Also make teleport in D block area to canteen, there all D classes can have a food ( i will write about it later ), id D class tries to escape from canteen he will immediately be killed by security guard, that will have to secure this area.  And food, the main part of all! It can be any mod that allows to spawn food that can be eaten. Thanks to reading, i would be pleased if you liked this suggestion! 
[Image: cFJBjY0.gif]
Well Well,this is not a bad idea actually,can add more Rp and make the Players have to do something more and rest from the security duty,this is used in some Rp servers or simply in CW.Actually this is very easy to do when you know DarkRp (HungerMod),actually the job would be easy to do,the main problem of this is the players who will use it,you have to constantly eating (Depends if the Hunger System is 10 Minutes to 50% or 10),the D's will be killed by hunger + Afk's (Due they cant buy food and pass that zone is "KOS" and for that the rules will have to be changed).
[Image: cg4Xz2.gif]
A hunger system would be unwise to add into scprp's new map because like Mr.adam said there would be a KOS line in the Class D block so they would not be able to get food unless we make job to be a cook to serve the class D's
What about the SCP they can't leave the cell.
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