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Hello its a small post about adding SCP-060 Alpha into game as you know its a cool SCP it can be easy realised ( this SCP http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-060 ). I saw this SCP ( SCP-060 ALPHA) on other SCP-RP server so just think about it)))
Making this will be like make a cell for the SCP 002 (The Living Room),if Wydde or someone likes it i will try to do the job and the Cell.This will be actually like the SCP 680 Forest or similar to the SCP 009 (Red Tree).
[Image: cg4Xz2.gif]
This has a low chance of getting into the server because this means that Whyde either has to get a few map builders to make some extra addons to the current map. or just not add this SCP at all
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror

Copy and locked into my "SCP's what i would try to make".
[Image: cg4Xz2.gif]

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