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John Terry's Staff Application
Name:John Terry

Age: 16 almost 17 

Availability (minimum of 4 hours per day):

I will be online for 6 hours per day [Image: smile.png]

Do you own a microphone?: Yes I do but I'm not using it for some reasons (I've Explained It To George)

Do you have access to teamspeak?: Yes

A few words about your personality: Hi I'm Mike But Everyone 

Are Calling Me Mikey

 I'm 16 Years Old (almost 17) And I Like To Play Garry's Mod  I'm Usually Playing On The Community Servers Like KingdomRP HogwartsRP MiltaryRP StarwarsRp And More...

I'm Spending Almost All My Time To Play On Garry's Mod And I Like It. I'm a Nice Guy (as my friends said) And I'm Friendly.

Roleplay Name: John Terry

SteamID (http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:68364634

What is your level on the server?: I'm Low Level But Im Experienced.

Timezone: UTC+02:00

This section should be completed using http://vocaroo.com/. If you have a problem with using a microphone, please contact a Senior Superadmin before typing this section.

A few words about you and your interests: I'm Intrested To Become a Staff Member Because I Wanna Help Players To Roleplay Without Rulebreakers I'm At School Until

 5 PM Then I'm Playing On Garry's Mod. I Was Staff On Few DarkRP Servers Like Moat Gaming BrutalRP And a Superadmin On United Role Play.

Your motivation for becoming a staff member: I Was Thinking About Becoming a Staff Member When Was No Staff Online And Everyone Were RDMING And Breaking The 

Rules Then I Said To Myself If Only I had The Power... I Wanna Keep The Server Without Rule Breakers And Teach Them How To RolePlay.

Why should we pick you and not someone else?: I Dont Really Know, I Can Only Say That I Will Help The Server And Punish Rulebreakers I will Respond To Any Report 

And I Will Never  Abuse My Powers.

Your strengths/weaknesses: My Strenghts Are That I'm a Nice Guy And a Guy You Can Trust And I Like Fairness My Weakness Is My Timezone But 

But It's Not Annoying Me I Can Still Be Online At Any Time.

What will you bring to MilitaryRP?: I Will Bring More Players And More Great Rpers Of Course I Will Bring Fairness Too I Will Respond To Any Report To Make The Server 

Better .

Someone has been reported for FailRP and RDM, explain how you would deal with the situation: I Will Bring The Reporter And The Guy Who Is Reported And Make a Sit

I Will Ask The Player If This Is True And If He Will Say No I Will Ask For Evidences From The Both Sides If The Evidences Are Pointing

On The "Suspect" I Will Warn Him For FailRP And RDM And I Will Explain Him To Don't Do It Again If There Are No Evidences

I Will End The Sit Because There Are No Evidences.

You see another staff member abusing their powers, explain how you would deal with this situation: I Will Report The Abuser To a Higher Staff Then The Higher

Staff Member Can Deal With Him.

Additional comments: None

Previous punishments (bans, warns, ect.): None

Steam nickname and/or profile link:

[TKK] Vura           /         http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198096994997/
Awefull layout, vocaroo ?, mic would be advantage but.... yeah -1 from me .-.
Charilie oh charlie, here i am oh Charlie.
As i said in my app george knows the reason why im not using my mic
your application is a mess so a -1 from me
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
(12-15-2016, 08:21 PM)Mr. Salty Wrote: your application is a mess so a -1 from me

I edited it a bit maybe You can change your mind Smile

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