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Idea For SCP-060/SCP-060-Alpha
Item #: SCP-060

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The grove which contains SCP-060 is currently contained in a series of specially-constructed greenhouses at Satellite-Site 66-060. Specimens are to be pruned regularly to keep at a manageable size.
Personnel are banned from smoking while within 5km of Satellite-Site 66-060. Personnel are to refrain from bringing lighters, matches, tasers, or any other tool readily capable of starting a fire into Satellite-Site 66-060.
SCP-060 specimens are to be watered twice daily and checked weekly for dead plant matter and saplings. Dead matter and saplings are to be pruned, shredded and composted properly in the dedicated facility onsite, afterwards returned to SCP-060's containment chamber. Fragments of SCP-060 may not be moved offsite for any reason without explicit written permission from two or more Level 4 personnel.

Playermodel: a skeleton

Weapon: Human Torch Swep


Item#: SCP-060-Alpha

Object class: Keter

Description: SCP-060-Alpha Is a Skeleton looking Human Who is always Burning, WHen class D enters Containment cell the Class D was starting to scram The Reason is because he Was burning t death, wHen enetring the Contanment cell/Looking in, The Class D body is gone and Never apires again.

The Last Thing here is something that i thought out on myself you cann find out more here:

Actually this seems a good SCP,there is some kind of rules to him,the problem is the Map Space,there are no more cells for SCP's,this also can be contained with the Estingusher Swep we got (I dont know what kind of unit can have it),i will try to add a cell for this SCP in my map if i got time.
[Image: cg4Xz2.gif]
Forget the SWEP and choose one i found out its pretty BAD SWEP so you cann choose one when you want.
We might add this into he new map when the next update comes. please could you find link to the swep
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror


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