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Bye for now and ever...
First of all... I did join today on the SCP RP and i was hoping of something what didint change... All... Now you will say "But you will make some content so almost some stuff will change !!!" Hahahah... Well i was on the server and i did see all... I will not judge the people of there as all the Players of SCP RP but in fact, they are almost all... Nothing didint change, even if 4 Months did pass, i did pick class D, waited 30 Minutes at my cell with 5 Researchers in the job and no 1 did come trought... I was saying on the OOC and telled the guards to call at least 1, but they didint even move. Then i did go Researcher, all the class D's who was on the server was AFK or farming XP. Then i did go security, you will be suprised of how many times a High rank says of how he its better than you because he have more rank and he can kill his teamates if you dont have even time to move away of the direction of them... The SCP's had the same Mind as all: Kill and Breach... The security the same mind too...

Nothing did change... I had that same feeling on the last time i did join to the server, and i was hoping something, anything changes... At this point... I dont got the mind or force to make anything thinking of making something for all and think the RCT and the security will do the same... Act the same way... Think like the same.

I am not looking foward to make a drama post about all what i am feeling at the moment but you are free to not watch this post or ignore it. Now im tired of everything i had done for the Same End.

Anyway goodbye to all that people who wanted something new, a change.
Now i will leave all of this forever.I hope you all got a good chrismas. Thats all i got to say.

PS: I already deleted all posts i did make for the server of SCP RP to not remind someone of something i didint finish...
[Image: VWyEruw.png]
Sad to see you go, Light. I wish you good luck with whatever you're gonna do next. May we meet in a different place.
Signed By Bormeus

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