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Bye All.
I would say "Thanks" to all the people who did help me with some work to try to upgrade
the SCP-Rp server,this days i did think about it,before think it very deep,i think i cant help in SCP RP by any way or support,i did try a lot of times to talk with Higher Ranks like Wyde Or Alex Nord but nothing.I will resing today due my best friend,Light (Creator of the SCP RP map we are working and one of my best friends),did say goodbye to the comunity and the project,i will do the same and stay with him like friends or brothers,all my work with the SCP's 966,178,NTF Pm,etc will be closed and safe.

Goodbye to all the Nice Players and people who i did meet in this comunity,i will be no more longer here,thanks to the people who did help me in my work and motivated me to keep working.

Oh no! Sad
nah bye buddy! :c
[Image: 1549282.gif]
Sad to see you go, Adams. I wish you and your friend good luck with whatever you're gonna do next. May we meet again in a different place.
Signed By Bormeus

[Image: 8XjBRtdGalgWY.gif]

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