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Teamspeak/Forums Ranks and Icons Suggestion
I have some icons and ranks that you may/want to use, and if you like them, you can message me and I will make you some more.


[Image: I7S7PFc.png]
Senior Super Admin
[Image: HOffSDG.png]
Super Admin
[Image: RnhItg5.png]
Head Administrator
[Image: Q0840SU.png]
[Image: KLfHFWk.png]
Head Moderator
[Image: 3BWkm5x.png]
[Image: 8GJnQkF.png]
Ranks and Icons
What I had in mind was a Support Team, they'd have their own section of the TS and would pretty much be managing the Needing Support people and would answer questions.

Head Support
[Image: 58bYl5W.png]
Support Team
[Image: xVnL2H6.png]

Enjoy!  [Image: shy.png]
Cara Delevingne is my one and only God.
[Image: 2ZTPsR]

+1 i think this is a very good suggestion thanks.
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror

I like the support team idea but people just poke a superadmin if they have a problem and I like the icons we already have.
[Image: raw]

Like what Draconis said, our whole staff team kinda just acts as support for their server. For cross-server related things, most old-ish players should know what they are talking about.
Head moderator should be HM to be fair :p
[Image: 6dee70a50a57bc0a70d03447d28add7ee3b084e7...7f1ecb.jpg]

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